09 / 02 2012
Welcome!! Atecom Technology

Welcome!! Atecom Technology



Found in 1998, Atecom Technology Co., Ltd is the leading manufacturer and supplier of semiconductor materials in Taipei, Taiwan. The company has a long and well established history in the manufacture of Silicon semiconductor materials such as silicon ingots, silicon raw wafers, diffusion wafers to epitaxy-ready substrates.

Atecom Technology also cooperated with our partners to offer the widest product range like III-V compound semiconductor materials and SOI wafer in the business. We provide widespread choice of material type and forms enables it to support worldwide customer application.

As Atecom team members, we consist of professional, experienced and senior management staffs to serve with this perspective semiconductor industry. Atecom also set up several sales offices around the world to provide a local contact and quick respond to customer's inquiries. Our local representatives operate in Japan, Europe as well as in the USA.

Nowadays, Atecom's products are widely used in various semiconductor industries all over the world. We are keeping meeting each customer's requirements and continuing improving our core values.