Silicon Epitaxial

Epitaxy is a layer of single-crystal silicon deposited onto a single-crystal silicon wafer. The epitaxial layer can be doped, as it is deposited, to the precise doping concentration while continuing the substrate's crystalline structure.

Characteristics Maximum Limit
Dopant P,P+Boron N,N+:Phosphorus, Arsenic
Orientation <100>, <111>
Resistivity Epi Reactor Diameter Type Epi resistivity Uniformity
Batch 100mm P/P++; N/N+ 4x10-3 (P:1x10-2)-3 ±3%
125mm N/N++,N/N+/N+ 3-30 ±5%
150mm N/P/P; P/N/N+ 30-1000 ±8%
Single 150mm P/P++; N/N+ 0.3-3 ±2%
200mm N/N+/N++ 3-30 ±4%
Thickness Epi Reactor Diameter Type Epi thickness Uniformity
Batch 100mm P/P++; N/N+ 3-100 μm ±3%
125mm N/N++,N/N+/N+
150mm N/P/P; P/N/N+
Single 150mm P/P++; N/N+ 0.1-20 μm ±2%
200mm N/N+/N++
Stacking Faults 10 ea/cm2
Slip 5 lines, total length <1/2 diameter
Surface Condition Free of Haze, Scratches, Craters, Orange Peel, Cracks, Crow's Feet, 
Edge Chips,Foreign Matter, Back Surface Contamination 
Edge Crown Projection above wafer surface not to exceed 1/3 of Epi layer thickness
Point Defects SEMI Standard